VALHALLA IS AN... „stock exchange” for virtual shares representing any kind of pojects. This is possible by combining the Token/Coin- Technology with real assets – the so called „Tokenization of Assets”.

The process of „Tokenization” can turn any asset into virtual shares represented by token.

Easy trading and fund raising by issuance of Tokens.

VALHALLA Virtual Share trades 24/7.

Secure Technology

Real assets to Token

Clients Clients


Our Clients are Project Developers who seek for investments.

Our Clients are Investors seeking for high profitable and sustainable projects.

Our Clients are traders who like to buy and sell shares for profit.

We are driven by the motivation to satisfy our clients on the highest level possible.
Law Law


Valhalla is respecting all applicable laws.

National and International Company Law

Valhalla is respecting all applicable company laws in order to ensure the full validity of each transaction.

National and International Tax Law

The applicable tax law has to be respected by the Seller and the Buyer. The correct tax treatment of a token depends on the classification of the underlying case of investment.

We recommend to follow the relevant guidelines of the relevant states of involvement.

National and International Commercial Criminal Law

Valhalla is focused on strict compliance and will undertake everything possible to ensure fully legal transactions under all legal requirements.

Valhalla will cooperate with any kind of state authority in charge for legal issues under the relevant laws and jurisdiction.
Valhalla Products Valhalla Products

Valhalla Products

Valhalla Consulting
Valhalla offers with its experts a wide range of consultancy on all kind of questions arising in the context of tokenization of assets.
Valhalla Philosophy Valhalla Philosophy

Valhalla Philosophy

The Mission of Valhalla is to reach the next planet of share trading. With our unique and sophisticated technic of share trading we combine traditional share founding and trading with modern crypto technology to the ‚Art of Virtuals Shares’. This creates new possibilities of company and investment strategies and makes share trading safe and easy in a way never existing before.

We are driven by passion. We love what we do and we do what we love. Our whole team share this attitude. We are fighting like the vikings together for one goal. The new era of virtual share trading to the full satisfaction of our clients. The Valhalla Team.

Knowledge in every field of our business is the key to success. Our team is comprised by different experts forming a unique team of performance.

Daily work
We know that Valhalla has the perfect concept and the best ideas, but enduring success is only guaranteed by daily hard work and fighting in every little issue of each project. The team of Valhalla is ready to bring every day 100 % performance.

Team Qualification
Our team guarantees success. International Experts for International Projects.

Knowing that motivation and knowledge is everything we wanted to make sure, that all core team members are high qualified partners in different fields of business and are ready and willing to share together the success. Our team is comprised by Legal, Tax-, IT-, Krypto-, Tokenization-, Project-, Due Diligence, Commercial, Trading, Sales and geo political Experts. We formed individual specialists to One Unit fighting for success.

The Valhalla Team.
Valhalla Team Valhalla Team

Valhalla Team

Prof. Dr. iur. Falk Peter Wuerfele

Lecturer for German and International Criminal Law

Monica M.

IT Developer

Oliver Heiny

International Tax Adviser

Christian Werth

Project Development

Marina Chirchiboiu

Human Resources

Roman C.

IT Developer

Alin C.

IT Developer

Teodora Arion

Krypto Trader & Sales
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