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Since contracting renewable energy via the Valhalla GIGA Windpark platform is faster, less expensive and more convenient than the current intermediated methods, it will result in a faster global transition to renewables.

Valhalla GIGA Windpark

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Valhallas GIGA Windpark is helping to solve one of the most pressing issues in the world today – climate change. Valhallas GIGA Windpark mission is to enable everyone to make a change towards a sustainable energy future through their energy purchasing decisions. To do this, WePower has built the next-generation renewable energy procurement and trading platform.

Benefits of Valhalla GIGA Windpark

Valhallas GIGA Windpark the global shift to renewable energy by democratizing the energy procurement process. WePower’s Platform connects organizations seeking to procure renewable electricity (Energy Buyers) directly with owners of renewable energy projects (Project Owners) and provides both parties with standardized tools and contracts to enable the transaction. Energy Buyers are able to reduce their electricity costs to below-market rates at any given time with full transparency and ease. Project Owners are therefore able to contract the electricity output of their projects to a wider range of buyers, making it easier for their projects to secure financing.


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